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Inclement weather can have an adverse effect on drone operations by decreasing visibility and/or impacting a drone's flight capability.
By specifying a coordinate you can query for the latest observed atmospheric conditions, and the one hour forecast for a specified area.



Querystring parameter Description
lat The latitude of the coordinate specified
lng The longitude of the coordindate specified

Sample Weather

    "current": {
        "summary": "Partly cloudy",
        "temperatureC": 10,
        "at": "2018-01-29T17:00:39.3314946Z",
        "cloudCoverPercent": 50,
        "uvIndex": 0,
        "windDirection": "NorthWest",
        "windHeadingDegrees": 320,
        "windSpeedKph": 9,
        "precipitationPercent": 0,
        "humidityPercent": 82,
        "meanSeaLevelPressureHPa": 1027,
        "dewPointC": 0,
        "snowMillimeters": 0,
        "rainfallMillimeters": 0
    "upcoming": {
        "summary": "Moderate rain at times",
        "temperatureC": 9,
        "at": "2018-01-29T18:00:39.3194869Z",
        "cloudCoverPercent": 89,
        "uvIndex": 0,
        "windDirection": "NorthWest",
        "windHeadingDegrees": 320,
        "windSpeedKph": 14,
        "precipitationPercent": 96,
        "humidityPercent": 70,
        "meanSeaLevelPressureHPa": 1029,
        "dewPointC": 4,
        "snowMillimeters": 0,
        "rainfallMillimeters": 1
    "effective": {
        "start": "2018-01-29T17:00:39.3314946Z",
        "end": "2018-01-29T18:00:39.3194869Z",
        "approx": false,
        "type": "timeRange"
    "geography": {
        "center": {
            "lat": 51.519248167315908,
            "lng": 0.088130922371844542
        "radius": 10000,
        "numPoints": 100,
        "type": "circle"

Updated 8 months ago


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