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Ground Hazards ("DetailedCategory")

Below is a list of all the posible values for the detailedCategory property for a ground hazard.

Note that not all of these will be returned for every country or territory.

Value Description
aerialway:cable_car A cable car
aerialway:chair_lift A chair lift
aerialway:drag_lift A drag lift
aerialway:gondola A gondola
aerialway:j-bar A j-bar
aerialway:mixed_lift A mixed lift
aerialway:platter A platter
aerialway:pylon A pylon
aerialway:rope_tow A rope tow
aerialway:station A station
aerialway:t-bar A t-bar
aerialway:zip_line A zip line
aeroway:aerodrome An aerodrome
aeroway:helipad A helipad
aeroway:heliport A heliport
aeroway:runway A runway
amenity:college A college
amenity:kindergarten A kindergarten
amenity:school A school
amenity:university A university
amenity:charging_station A charging station
amenity:fuel A fuel station
building:school A school
building:stadium A stadium
building:train_station A train station
building:greenhouse A greenhouse
building:transformer_tower A transformer tower
highway:motorway A motorway
highway:raceway A raceway
leisure:stadium A stadium
man_made:beacon A beacon
man_made:chimney A chimney
man_made:communications_tower A communications tower
man_made:crane A crane
man_made:mast A mast
man_made:tower A tower
man_made:water_tower A water tower
man_made:windmill A windmill
military:airfield An airfield
military:ammunition An ammunition dump
military:danger_area A danger area
military:range A range
power:plant A power plant
power:cable A power cable
power:converter A power converter
power:generator A power generator
power:heliostat A heliostat
power:line A power line
power:minor_line A minor power line
power:portal A power portal
power:substation A substation
power:tower A tower
power:transformer A transformer
sport:model_aerodrome A model aerodrome
sport:paragliding A paragliding
sport:kitesurfing A kitesurfing
sport:shooting A shooting range
landuse:military A military establishment
amenity:police A police station
amenity:fire_station A fire station
amenity:hospital A hospital
building:hospital A hospital
military:barracks A military barracks
military:training_area A military training area
military:naval_base A naval base
leisure:nature_reserve A nature reserve
man_made:gasometer A gasometer
man_made:lighthouse A lighthouse
railway:rail A railway track
railway:monorail A monorail
railway:funicular A funicular
railway:light_rail A light rail
railway:station A station
navigation:hazard A hazard
leisure:park A park
landuse:cemetery A cemetery
amenity:prison A prison
aeroway:gliderport A gliderport
aeroway:ultralights An ultralights airfield
aeroway:seaplane A seaplane port
aeroway:balloonport A balloonport

Updated 8 months ago

Ground Hazards ("DetailedCategory")

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