GuardianUTM is an open, web standards based, platform that is primarily concerned with enhancing the safety of the airspace, by providing access to accurate, up-to-date and relevant aeronautical, environmental, regulatory and drone-centric operation data.

Beyond the provision of data, GuardianUTM can proactively notify your systems whenever important events in the airspace occur, such as changes to the classification of a region of airspace, or when a tracked manned aircraft is likely to intrude on a defined region.

We continuously add functionality to GuardianUTM every week, but we guarantee that:

  • The service will be operational
  • The data is accurate and up-to-date from our suppliers
  • The data is fit for civilian use
  • Changes in local laws and regulations will automatically be reflected in our computed data feeds

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, GuardianUTM obtains data (often in real-time) from a variety of sources, including:

  • Authorities, regulators and government organisations
  • Drone companies
  • Drone pilots
  • Air traffic control companies
  • Mapping companies

As a core function, GuardianUTM standardises and de-dupes the data on the server side, meaning the data you access is standardised, easy-to-consume and fresh whenever you request it, regardless of the source.

Our APIs broadly fall into two categories:

  • Those which send and receive data about drone operations, the environment, regulations, hazards and the 'air situation' and
  • Those which are designed to be included in the real-time navigation and operation of one or more drones.